Journalism Club (JC) was established to promote media literacy and awareness among its members especially on issues pertaining to the Muslim society. This club is one of the interest-based societies in IIUM that uphold the objectives of the university: promoting Islamization of knowledge. Mass media is a medium of communication and information dissemination, connecting people from various backgrounds regardless of religion, geographical boundary and race. Mass media is the most effective tool in educating the public.

Journalism Club has organized programs that enhance public awareness about the power of mass media, especially towards the campus community. This club also emphasizes on programs that integrate the practices of journalism with Islam. With the motto "Enriching Islamic Da'wah through Media", the club intends to promote alternative means of carrying out da'wah to the ummah in general and to the IIUM community in particular.

As an interest-based society, Journalism Club consists of not only students studying Mass Communication but also those from various other kulliyyah at IIUM. In spite of the different backgrounds, we are motivated by the same awareness of the importance of conveying messages through mass media. It is our responsibility to introduce Islamic journalism to the campus community and to respond to the prevailing scenes. With the presence of well-exposed media practitioners on Islam, we can achieve responsible journalism within the Muslim society and enable us to counteract the biased reports and prejudiced coverage about Islam.


Actualize the philosophy of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) by engraving intelligent and dynamic leaders that concerns the welfare of the Muslim Ummah.

The Journalism Club leads the thoughts and informations of the campus community.


Engraving and educating the thoughts of the campus community Islamically and dynamically.

“Enriching Islamic Da’wah Through Mass Media”.

1. To develop writing skills on news and features.
2. To develop sensitivity on news and coverage about Islam in contemporary mass media.
3. To explore knowledge about mass media in Muslim world especially in Malaysia.
4. To bridging IIUM students with either, local or international mass media organizations and journalist.
5. To explore da’wah opportunities through mass media.
6. To have joint venture programs with other established associations or higher learning institutions.


Official address:
Journalism Club,
Student Development and Co-Curricular Activity Division (S-Dev.),
International Islamic University Malaysia,
Jalan Gombak 53100,
Kuala Lumpur.


Email address:

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